EP Review: The Adio Sequence - Electric Body EP

After some time apart and a few lineup changes, The Adio Sequence return to the Portland music scene with their evolved sound and the memorable Electric Body EP! I'm confident that both loyal fans and new listeners will be immediately hooked by all three tracks on this release. This well-rounded and exciting reintroduction to the band's sound is the ideal soundtrack for the summer. On May 19th I had the honor of hosting the band on Portland Radio Project for the release of the "Electric Body" single (video below). The response from the listeners was overwhelmingly positive and deservedly so. Ever since then, I've been looking forward the rest of the EP to see what else they have been working on. Earlier this week I got my hands on the other tracks, and they did not disappoint!

I remember the first time I heard "Electric Body", my ear was grabbed by the synth tones on the verses and then the incredibly catchy bass line in the chorus. Travis's vocals are always fantastic but his use of falsetto to true voice have a huge impact on the chorus hook when you hear it for the first time. Like I said above, the bass line on this song is crazy good! Bassist Stephen Branch's part during the chorus is equally unique and catchy at the same time. From a songwriting perspective I really enjoy the dynamic fall in the pre-chorus, it's the perfect calm before the storm. The production on this EP is stellar, some great choices were made when it came to the overall sound of the instruments. Throughout the entire EP, Josh Clark layers the perfect amount of keys and guitars to give each song another unique dimension. Lead guitarist Josh Myer has guitar tones reminiscent of Mark Engles and John Frusciante which had me from the first note.  

Myer shows off some really cool dynamic exchanges with the band during the post choruses on the song, "Lady Love". His same lead part is also highlighted in the outro, which is a brilliant deconstruction of the song that you just have to hear for yourself. No joke, I must have backed the song up 3 or 4 times during the end just so I could experience it again and again. Drummer Dan Lawrence is fantastic on the entire record but the beat and effortless drum fills on this song are incredible! This song is in the pocket and has a wonderful way of taking you from beginning to end without losing a breath. The third track on the album is a timeless-sounding song that highlights the band's evolution into the funk and pop realm. "Lucky" has more of a laid back vibe and openness that flows perfectly with the other songs. This song also features guest vocals by Trevor Forbess and Ruth Heald from another local favorite, Goldfoot. I really dig the breakdown and bridge in this song, I can see it quickly becoming a fan favorite at live shows. 

The Electric Body EP is a strong step forward for the band and a collection of songs they should be proud of. I am a huge fan of what these guys are doing and can't wait to hear more!! 

Join the band on June 11th at Analog Cafe for their CD Release Party, I hope to see you there!

The Adio Sequence