Live Show: The Adio Sequence CD Release with Sarah Vitort at Analog Cafe & Theater

Saturday night The Adio Sequence shook the Analog Cafe & Theater with a blistering performance to celebrate the release of their Electric Body EP. Alongside Deejay Tony Stewart and Sarah Vitort, the members of The Adio Sequence reunited on stage for the first time in years to perform new songs, fan favorites, and a few surprises. 

Kicking things off, the room was brought to life by Deejay Tony Stewart. His tasteful selection and mix of songs spanned genres and decades. I heard Michael Jackson, INXS, and Stone Temple Pilots, just to name a few. We were treated to his playlist between and after the sets as well, and thanks to him, the energy never died down. 

When I first learned about this show, I was extremely excited to see that Sarah Vitort and her band would joining the party. I've had the pleasure of covering Sarah this spring for both her Fox and Bones & solo project and she never disappoints. Before the show I had a chance to chat with Sarah about a new song she was excited to share called "Maybe It's Me". Sarah has been writing a lot of new material recently and expressed her excitement to get into the studio to track some of her new songs. The set started with "Trouble" which is one of my favorite songs off of her Wild Heart, Gypsy Soul record. Sarah is joined on stage by Aron Schur on bass, Mathieu Lewis-Rolland on drums, and Everett Carlson on lead guitar. I first saw this lineup while covering a show back in February at The Doug Fir Lounge and the show was fantastic! You can read my write up of that event here. Sarah's songs ebb and flow between heartbreak, independence, and love, which highlight her journey and evolution as an artist. Near the end of her set, she teased that she wouldn't be playing the fan favorite, "Villain" which got some immediate tongue-in-cheek heckling from the crowd. She conveyed her gratitude to all of us for the support and being fans of that song. At this point in the evening, Sarah threw on a beautiful Gold Top Les Paul and performed her new single, "Maybe It's Me". This song has a playful punk vibe that I have not heard in her music yet and it fits really well with her other tracks. This single has a very catchy post chorus that gets stuck in your head right away! To close her set, she gave the fans what they wanted, donned a black hood, and performed the hell out of "Villain"! Sarah Vitort and her band should be proud, they put on a great show and I'm sure they picked up some new fans!

Before The Adio Sequence took the stage, I ran into Chris Fitch, who produced and engineered the Electric Body EP. I got the chance to tell him how much I enjoyed his recording and production collaboration with the band. Chris did an amazing job and I hope he continues to work with the guys. 

After much anticipation and 6 months of extremely hard work, The Adio Sequence launched into their set with the title track "Electric Body". Lead singer Travis Williams immediately took command of the stage and we were along for the ride. As the band played through the set, they had a very cool and tasteful way of integrating a few covers into the evening. After the first song was done they played a verse and chorus of Justin Timberlake's "Rock Your Body" and it made for a captivating transition into the next segment of their set. After the show, bassist Stephen Branch spoke with me about his take on integrating covers into their set. "I feel it's important to have something to hook the crowd with even if it's just a verse and chorus of a song" Branch said. The band also mixed in an Incubus cover and a Maroon 5 cover, which showed the diversity of the band’s influences. By now, the audience was in a frenzy and ready for more. Before the band played "Lucky", a new track from the EP, Travis said to the crowd, "This song is about moments like these". It was evident that the band was having a great time on stage and truly embraced the meaning of the track. 

At this point in the show, Travis joined drummer Dan Lawrence for the thunderous intro of one of the band’s earlier releases, "Hey You". The band has evolved their sound, so I was curious to see how the older tracks fit with the new material, and it was seamless. The band illustrated their broad dynamic range by digging into the catalog of songs from their past and reproducing them. I hope to see some more of these reproduced classics at future shows. Like all great concerts, the set flew by and we found ourselves near the end of the show. The last song from the new EP that they played was "Lady Love". This track is so well-written and I just adore the lead work by guitarist Josh Myer in the post choruses. The band’s other guitarist and keys player, Josh Clark, was in the pocket all night! He's a very diverse player that has chosen a fantastic group of synth, keys, and guitar tones. By doing this, Clark adds layers that support and complement the lead work of Myer. A lot of bands make the mistake of not taking the time to ensure that their instruments have distinct voicing, which can muddy up the sound pretty quickly. The Adio Sequence is packed full of incredible musicians so as a fan I appreciate being able to hear all of their parts live. "Lady Love", like the other tracks on the EP, translated remarkably well and took a life of its own on stage. I have always agreed with the idea that a recording and a live performance are two very different animals. Having said that, the Electric Body EP has an intensity of its own in the live setting that you need to experience. The band played a high-energy, fun, and engaging set that blew us away! After a short break and cheers from the fans to return, The Adio Sequence hit the stage for a powerful encore and a fitting end to their stunning set. I would like to thank the artists and venue for a great evening packed with talent.

Congratulations to The Adio Sequence on the new EP and a successful CD release. You can read my full review of the Electric Body EP Here! If you missed this performance, be sure to get your copy of the Electric Body EP and catch the band at their upcoming shows!