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Can’t thank you enough — it was such a treat to hang in studio with you. Thanks for your perfectly structured playlist and brilliant insights.
— Small Million
It was super fun catching up again and I just wanted to let you know the amazing things you do for the community do not go unnoticed.
— Salvatore Manalo
It was a complete pleasure to come on Sounds of PDX and talk to Luke. He has a deep love and understanding of the music scene in Portland and always seems one step ahead of new music that’s going on around town.
— Benjamin Tyler, Small Skies
Luke, I don’t have the words to describe how FUN that was yesterday. It was an absolute blast getting to talk about music and hear about you and get to appreciate your talent! I’m in awe! Thank you so much for ALL of the encouraging words and fantastic music review. Wow! I’m going to have to write it all down and have it tattooed on me.
— Emily Aldridge, Sacrifice to Survive
It was a really great experience. I enjoyed the variety of content that came together to make a whole picture - tracks and analyses of influences, tracks and analyses of my own material, and lots of really great chats. I appreciate your thoughtful and informed questions! I would love to be a part again any time.
— Tara Velarde
I had a great time with you on the show. I appreciate the sincere and intriguing questions you asked, only good vibes!
— Haley Johnsen
...we’d be honored to be featured on Sounds of PDX, PDX Spotlight, or your new podcast! Either way, it seems that you do a lot of awesome stuff in town supporting local music!
— Lorain
We honestly had such a great time on your show. Thank you for having us!
— Glacier Veins

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