Sounds of PDX on PRP: Hannah DiMo

Guest: Hannah DiMo

Air Date: 2/19/2019

Just days before releasing her new single Yes Means Yes, recording artist Hannah DiMo joined me on the program. In the first hour we listened to Hannah’s influences as she shared some insight into her writing process. Listeners were also treated to a stunning performance from Hannah of an unreleased, original track called Love Is All There Is.

Our second hour featured a guest appearance by friends of the show, Kingsley and Courtney Noe. I asked my panel about the challenges they face as women in the music industry and any advice they could share with other artists. A highlight of the night was ending our show with the radio debut of Hannah’s new single “Yes Means Yes”.

Big thanks to Hannah, Kingsley, and Courtney Noe for being on the show. Please enjoy the broadcast.

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