About Track 11 Music and Founder Luke Neill


My mission with Track 11 Music is to uncover and collaborate with the best recording artists in the great city of Portland, Oregon. I'm the founder, Luke Neill, and I connect artists with other musicians, producers, and promotional companies to discover, develop, and promote local talent. 

About me

At my core, I am a musician. I'm a guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer, studio engineer, and - most importantly - a lover of all things music. It is my goal to help connect people through music by seeking out great local artists and introducing them to a wider audience. I have multiple outlets to promote and support local musicians, and discovering new music is my passion. 


My Projects

  • This site! This is where I collect everything I'm working on. Over time, you'll see a variety of podcasts, television shows, album and live show reviews, show and tour announcements, promotions from artists I'm working with, updates coming out of my recording studio, and likely more.

  • I run Track 11 Music itself, an intimate production studio here in Portland, specializing in vocals, music production, songwriting, mixing, and voiceover. Track 11 is quickly becoming known locally for putting out exceptionally high-quality vocal recordings, and is also the home of the Liner Notes with Luke Neill podcast.

  • I am formerly the host of the radio show Sounds of PDX on Portland Radio Project. The format was something unique - I invited a different co-host every week to promote an upcoming show or release, and we built the playlist together. We featured my guest's original work and the music that influences and inspires them. I’m no longer on the air with PRP, but you can check out all of my older episodes on the blog.

  • I’ve developed a new podcast called Liner Notes with Luke Neill. I spend the compact podcast digging into a new release from an independent musician - either a record, EP, or single. I throw in a couple interview clips as we listen to the music and I share my impressions. You can find all of my episodes on the blog - make sure to subscribe!

  • I am the host of PDX Spotlight, a local monthly television show featuring performances and interviews with Northwest-based musicians. Partner: Mike Burling

  • I'm a founding member of TriState, a musicians collective featuring fellow songwriters and producers from Oregon, Washington, and Arizona. Partners: Tyler Hobbs, Brandon McAlister, Cameron Palmer

  • I provide artist development support and coaching in business and marketing.

If you're interested in collaborating in any of these areas, please check out my services and contact me to get started.

photo by Teri Briggs

photo by Teri Briggs

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